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Allen Road & Northline

Pardee & Ecorse

Monroe & Ecorse

Allen & Van Horn

Pelham & Wick

Swan Creek Rd & Brandon Rd

Van Horn & W. Jefferson

Fort & Van Horn

Van Horn & Ford Lane(East of Hall Road)

King Road, West of Allen

Sibley Road, West of Allen

Vreeland Road, East of Fort

King Road & West Jefferson

Sibley & West Jefferson

Pennsylvania & Electric Ave

Sibley Road / W of I-275

Gibraltar Rd & Old Fort

Gibraltar Rd - E of Old Fort, W of W.Jefferson

Vreeland Rd & Toledo

Grosse Ile Free Bridge

Goddard & Fourth Street

Northline/Ford & Sixth Street

Beech Daly - (South of Ecorse)

Champaign & Allen Park HS

Champaign & Lincoln Park HS

Pennsylvania & Allen

Range Rd & Ashley Rd - Port Huron

Range Rd ( North of Griswold ) - Port Huron

Allen Rd between Griswold & Howard - Port Huron

Wadhams Rd ( North of Griswold )- Port Huron

Dunlap ( South of Flinchbaugh ) - Port Huron

Stone St ( South of Thomas Edison Dr ) - Port Huron

16th Street & Cedar Street - Port Huron

10th Ave & Thomas Street- Port Huron

Pine Grove & Whipple St - Port Huron

Thomas Edison Dr & Thomas Edison Parkway - Port Huron

La Plaisance Rd & E Dunbar

E Albain Rd @ Hull Rd

E Albain Rd ( East of Hull Rd )

Vreeland & Peter Rd

Woodruff Rd & Ostreich Rd

Van Horn & Lathrop St ( E of Fort St)

Pennsylvania & Huron River Drive

Sterling Rd & Huron River Drive

Schaefer Rd & West Warren

Grosse Ile Toll Bridge

Harrison Rd & West Jefferson

Jefferson @ Zug Island Rd

St.Johns St. & Fourth Street

West Jefferson & Cicotte St

Graysville Rd & Front Rd

Woodruff Rd & Fort Street

Huron River Drive & Lamont Street

Huron River Drive & Fort Street

Huron River Drive & Arsenal Rd

Reeck Road (Southgate)

Emmons Blvd & Alfred St.

Fort Street Bridge (Detroit)

West Jefferson Bridge (Detroit)

12th Ave & 15th St - Columbus

N. Lemay Ave & E. Vine Dr - CO

Hilton Rd South of 9 Mile- Ferndale

9 Mile West of Hilton Rd - Ferndale

Washington Street- Royal Oak

W. 6th Street & Main Street - Royal Oak

W. 4th Street - Royal Oak

W. 4th Street - Royal Oak

Lincoln Ave East of Main Street- Royal Oak

Main Street- Royal Oak

Haggerty Rd South of Schoolcraft- Plymouth

North Mill Street - Plymouth

North Main Street - Plymouth

North Rd & Hwy 2- Grand Island

Huron River Drive & Old Fort

Huron River Drive & Streicher Rd

W 10 Mile Rd & Myrtle Ct

Racho Rd & Greensway St

7th & Oak Street

Vreeland & Hall Rd

8th & Vinewood St

Outer Drive & Glendale St

Salliotte Rd & 5th St

Visger Rd & High Street

Washington St & Plain St

E McNichols Rd & Eldon Ave

McCarty Street & Clinton Dr - Texas

Marvin Rd SE & Kyro Rd - Olympia, Washington

SE Auburn - Black Diamond Rd- Auburn

E Sterns Road ( East of M-125)

San Timoteo Canyon Rd - CA

US1 & 520 (W King St) FL

Little Farms Ave & Ivy Street - LA

Superior & Polk

Will Carleton Rd - West of S Huron Rd

S Huron Rd & Rust Rd

W Bartlett Rd & Ruzich Dr

King Rd - West of Telegraph

W Labo Rd - West of Grafton

Stearns Rd & Powis Rd - IL

E. President Street & Harry S Truman Pkwy

Antoine St & 5th Street

Northline & I-275

Depot St & Plain Rd

Dayton St & N 5th St

Front St & Copper St

Devine St ( North of Blossom St) - SC

Stewart Rd & Telegraph

Goddard Rd (West of Allen)

S Waverly Rd & Lansing Rd

Willow Rd & Rust Rd

N Pearl St (507) & E 5th Street

W Reynolds Ave & Blair Rd - WA

N Williamson Rd & E Bennett Dr

N Koppers & Estate Rd

8 Mile & Sherwood St

S Tamiami Trail & 13th Ave

University Ave & McClelland Dr- CO

S Norris St & Mabry Dr(84) - NM

Cherry Hill Rd & Newburgh

N Gear Ave & W Mt. Pleasant St

S Main Street & Market Street - IA

Industrial Rd & Holland Dr

Stonehaven Trail & Holland Lakes Dr N

Hwy 52 & Lee St

Centerpoint Rd (East of Hunter Rd) - TX

E McCarty Ln & Barnes Dr- TX

Morningside Dr & 84 - GA

Midway Church Rd & 84-GA

Mellon St & Schaefer Hwy - MI

Bond Ave & 20th Street -IL

Farmingdale Rd & Irwin Ave - PA

Andre Ave & Stephens Ln

Farmingdale Road - PA

W Main St & S Commerce St - TX

Thick Rd & Nashville Hwy - TN

Erie Rd & Bay Creek Rd

Luna Pier Rd - MI

Okemos Rd - MI

W Harmony Rd - CO

Rockhill Rd - TX

Lovell Rd - TX

Spring Hill Rd - TX

New Hope Rd - TX

S Lincoln St - IL

Highway 11 & Highway 36 - AL

Simmsville Rd & Huntley Pkwy - AL

Lazy Ln & Feagin Dr - TX

Lazy Ln & Feagin Dr - TX

W 29th St & N Garfield Ave - CO